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That Old New

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    The Bitch Zone

    Todd, Maddy, and Samantha throw down about GDC 2014 at a Denny's in the bay area. 

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Dark Soups 2

    Todd is away at GDC so Toups, Jeremiah and Brad Gallaway have a raging Dark Souls 2 kegger.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Miss Missed Myst

    @laeventine makes a shocking admission at the start of the show. @tuddjazzler gets her life with Stick of Truth. @toupsi recalls better game-purchasing practices. 

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar


    Maddy Meyers stops by the bar and for some reason everyone discovers all of the feelings... most of the feelings that are angry.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Ladies Default

    Finally all three ladies have played Bravely Default, and they are full of the feels. For some reason they all stroll down RPG memory lane and dig up some of the gems. 

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar


    It has been coming for awhile now... Lightning Returns finally shows up so it is time to talk about outfits... BUT first.. there is the matter of Bravely Default to attend to. 

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Chibi Robo - Second Glance

    Brad Gallaway from joins the bar for the return of second glances. This week we dig into chibi robo and do not even come close to the final center of this dark delicious cake. 

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    M.C. Ladies

    Toups and Jeremiah played the hilarious Octodad. We all threw some shade to Square for their Greenlight sham. Todd bought Saints Row 2, because we all can't get enough of Lady Boss.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    The GaymeBar Saga

    Todd played Dark Souls for like a second. Toups and Jeremiah started playing The Banner Saga mostly because King LTD is stupid.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Enter at your own risk

    Take a trip back with us to a science fiction double feature. Todd's been playing Castlevania 2, Lord of Shadows 2 looms in the distance.