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That Old New

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Bear Souls: Lords of the Fallen

    We can't stop talking about Bayo 2. It's a bit better this week, we chat about other games that aren't Bayonetta 2.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Bayo Wrap Up

    We start the show with some more Bayonetta 2. All three GaymeBartenders have finished it. Toups and Jeremiah dig into some Fantasy Life.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Bayonetta 2 with Maddy Myers

    We can barely contain the giddiness about Bayonetta in one episode. Maddy Meyers from Isometric podcast joined us for a Bayo love-fest with feminist tendencies.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    2 Gays at Freddy's

    Jeremiah and Toups dug deep into some Five Nights at Freddy's, for their round 2 discussion. Todd reviewed the Borderlands Pre-Sequel for Paste magazine.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar


    The Bayonetta 2 Demo dropped on the Wii U this past week, and we had all the feels. Life is better with a little Bayo. Toups chats about his time with 5 Nights at Freddie's.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Diet Coke Break with Super Timsy

    Timothy Horn joined Jeremiah and Toups on one of their fledgling shows. Tim was also one of the founding writers for, along with Toups.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar


    We got the band back together. Jeremiah, Todd and Toups are reunited for a jam-packed episode of games, games, games. They all have brand new experiences with some games new and old including:

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Destined For Failure

    The bar is in a period of flux, that ground moves beneath us while claxons sound over the faint sound of me and bobby mc gee... ok it isnt all that bad.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Choo Choo All Aboardt

    The most important thing this week is that Toups has played Sid Meier's Railroad...

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Game Queerists

    We take some time up front to talk about the Game Theorists video about videogames being anti-gay.